It all started in a local supplement shop with the Fast and Jacked founders simply talking about the significance of educating people on the importance of proper movement and a boat load of “knowledge bombs.” The information was too good to just listen without conveying it to others, so we decided to create a community of free content to store them. The podcast and articles are designed to facilitate a more thoughtful approach to performance, nutrition and health in general. Most importantly we wanted a place you can come and get as much free information as possible by professional coaches that specialize in Athletic Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting and CrossFit (ForgeFit).

The Sample Pack programs you are receiving are designed to maximize overall body transformation. Everyone has their niche sport and sports they actively strive to become the best as possible. Our programs are designed to help you reach those goals as quick as possible. In this sample pack you will receive three (3) sample programs developed carefully by the Fast and Jacked coaches Mike, Major and Mitch with a Glossary of Terms as reference. Utilize this sample pack as a start to an even bigger blue print to your fitness goals!

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