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What’s going on Fast and Jacked Universe. This is Mitch Narbe, your ForgeFit Coach. So my story is similar to that of many Crossfit competitors. I grew up in Buffalo, New York playing every sport under the sun. In high school I was the captain of the soccer, basketball, and baseball teams. I went onto Grove City College to pursue a degree in Exercise Science and while I was there I played football, lacrosse, and I ran track.

After Graduating College I started working as an assistant Speed and Strength Coach with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds under head Strength Coach, and another of your Fast and Jacked Coaches, Mike Whiteman and quickly learned that I needed to still compete. That fire had never died out and I needed to keep going. The thing at that point that most aligned with my training was CrossFit, so I found a local competition and went for it. Didn’t go exactly how I wanted, but that is the glory of fitness is that you can be content but never be satisfied. You should always strive to better yourself whether it be your body, your mind, your relationships, whatever it might be keep getting better and I immediately fell in love with Crossfit.

Currently I am still working as a Speed and Strength Coach for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Grove City College Lacrosse team, and still training and competing for Crossfit as I will be for a long time to come. Proud uncle to my three nephews and soon to be two more. I love helping people reach their goals whether that means spending countless hours in the gym training others, training myself, learning outside through books or podcasts, spending time with my family, or sometimes just getting out in the beautiful world we are given and enjoying being by myself to recharge. Again never be satisfied. Always strive for perfection, but don’t let that control you. Be content, but never satisfied and last but not least, STAY JUICED!

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