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Mike is a natural born showman but a professional strength and conditioning coach by trade. For nearly a decade since graduating summa cum laude from Seton Hill University he has relentlessly pursued mastery in the field of human performance. In this time he has trained the best of the best working with NFL, MLB, MLS and USLPro athletes and even worked as a speed and strength specialist at the prestigious Manning Passing Academy held annually in Louisiana. He currently is the strength and conditioning coach for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds of the USLPro soccer league and he also is the Director of Sports Science for the Riverhounds Development Academy that has produced three U.S. Club national champions.

Mike is a member of the Dark Orchestra weightlifting team coached by five time national weightlifting champion and Pan Ams game athlete Jon North as well as National Grid League athlete Jared Enderton. A practice what you preach ethos makes him a leader and great motivator for the athletes that he trains. Mike personifies the Fast and Jacked brand as he is the living breathing testament to the lifestyle the brand represents. He is a gluten free, paleo eating max snatching , cleaning and jerking, squatting and pressing SOB. At a ripped six feet, 190 lbs he snatches 250 lbs , clean and jerks 315 lbs and back squats 450 lbs. He is just getting started too! He challenges himself daily and wants the same for the Fast and Jacked Universe. After all, growth only occurs when you leave your comfort zone!

Mike loves hard rock and metal and crushing iced coffee. His favorite band is TOOL and front man Maynard James Keenan is like an idol to him. If you like to lift big, slay caffeine and chalk up to some head bangers ball then you and Mike are probably secret best friends.

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