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Owner and operator at Max Effort Performance ( A gym dedicated to improving the performance of athletes, powerlifters and serious trainers of all ages.25 years under the bar and with 5 years of personal training experience, CSCC, competitive Raw Powerlifter, Fast&Jacked co-founder/owner, podcast co-host and 4 Dimension Nutrition Sales Executive. I’m an older guy who got into training before the advent of the internet so in the beginning I was forced to do things the ‘old fashioned’ way, by trial and error. Being a voracious reader and very passionate about sport science I have learned to incorporate many different useful training modalities and have a thorough understanding of both the older and newer programs and approaches. I am also 6’3 with very long arms and femurs and compete in the 275lb Raw class. I have extensive experience training football, hockey and powerlifters (both male and female) and partially due to overcoming my own structural limitations, I have become very good at weakness assessment, identifying and correcting flawed movement patterns and programming using a balanced approach. I am a big believer in a conjugate framework (not Westside) and concurrent training using varying block training and undulating periodization methods. My greatest reward as a coach is helping all my athletes rise above and surpass my capabilities.

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