Introducing the Pittsburgh Power Council

For generations some of the most talented people in the country have come from a small area in Western Pennsylvania mostly known for its football heritage and steel making past. This area, Pittsburgh and the surrounding tri-county has seen some great, amazing musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, coaches and athletes. While we could discuss the great people of this eclectic town at length, we here at Fast and Jacked, in the interests of building an inclusive fitness community the right way, want to start at the foundation. Our community is built for the coach, athlete, trainer and anyone that wants to get serious about increasing their level of physical fitness. We want to provide resources and connectivity, networking, information sharing and business opportunities to people like us in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.


As a coach, trainer or athlete we are all looking for that next piece of information, that next person or resource that can help us reach ours and our client’s goals. With the Pittsburgh Power Council we wish to provide a resource sharing platform for Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities, a network of knowledgeable people who have similar passions. This group will be a place to get feedback, brainstorm, connect and empower coaches and athletes with the tools to succeed. More specifically, a forum to discuss and post training, coaching, videos and other useful information.

We feel the best and easiest way to get the ball rolling is starting a facebook group. The initial invitations are going out in the near future to all the wonderful, helpful people who have helped shape our community and yours #fjuniverse. If you have anyone you would like to add to this awesome lineup please message one of us or email: