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Speed & Mobility


Speed & Mobility

Ultimate Speed, Strength and Mobility Programs are geared towards serious athletes looking to get super explosive.

Power and Strength


Power and Strength

This program is suitable for someone making a transition to powerlifting or an offseason athlete looking to increase power, strength and explosiveness.




This is for those who are looking to change their body and become that healthy individual that you have been waiting for.

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The Importance of Proper Nutrition

I was approached by Fast and Jacked to write an article about the importance of nutrition in Physical Training, and I am truly honored for the opportunity! My personal background consists of weight training for the past 20+ years, 6 years in the U.S. Army, competitive bodybuilding, and most recently I am in pursuit of my master's degree as a Registered Dietitian. Within these past few years I have been recovering from severe back surgery, which left me with a 17 inch scar. I was told I would never touch a weight again...

Podcast #61 - Crossfit Regionals & Injury Prevention

In this episode we talk about the rash of pec tears at the crossfit regionals and what that could be attributed to. We discuss the back lash from different sources who have had it out for crossfit from the beginning and what the response has been from Glassman as well as the community at large. We discuss some of our own current injuries and the best way to manage them while still moving forward.

Introducing the Pittsburgh Power Council

For generations some of the most talented people in the country have come from a small area in Western Pennsylvania mostly known for its football heritage and steel making past. This area, Pittsburgh and the surrounding tri-county has seen some great, amazing musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, coaches and athletes. While we could discuss the great people of this eclectic town at length, we here at Fast and Jacked, in the interests of building an inclusive fitness community the right way, want to start at the foundation.

Podcast #60 - Time Management

In this episode we talk about how to get the most out of the every hour in each day. We discuss how to budget your time to take care of all of your commitments in an orderly fashion. We talk about the increased demands of coaching in the off-season into the summer. We talk about skill acquisition and where to spend the most time depending on the athlete and their experience. Both diet and sleep are pivotal factors in performance and we give a few pointers on how to dedicate time to maximize your returns in both these areas. As always #fjuniverse enjoy and stay juiced!

So, what’s the deal with Crossfit?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Crossfit? Do you think of “the Champ” Rich Froning coming from behind to win yet another Crossfit Games title? Do you think of young guys and girls running around the gym half naked trying to get another workout done? Do you think of all the injuries you have heard from Crossfit? Do you think of the crazy diets and workouts that just seem like too much? Do you think of all the results you have seen your friends attain since the time they started attending their Crossfit gym?

Podcast #59 - RPE and Efficiency

In this episode we ask how necessary is true maximal training for progression in both ball court and strength sports. We outline how we have taken a RPE (Rate of perceived exertion) and combined that with percentages to create the greatest response with the least stimulus. RPE was a system pioneered by a powerlifter named Mike Tuscherer in order to assess how hard you are training and when planned out makes for consistent sessions lessening the chance of injury. We discuss how RPE can be fit into a framework for athletic training as well as powerlifting. We also talk about the importance of finding the absolute best exercises and doing variations of those rather than random variations that won’t have as much carryover to the training effect we are trying to produce. Enjoy #fjuniverse, and as always, stay juiced.